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Italy Investor Visa for Italy Initial Assessment for the application for the Italian Investor Visa

 Initial Assessment

Our Consultants will assess your case.

During the initial assessment, we will ask you the type of investment that you are interested, the amount of investment, your nationality, etc.

Also, at this stage, we will let you know your possibilities for proceeding with this type of visa.

List of documents

Once we will verify your elegibility, we will send you a questionnaire to be filled by the applicant. Also, we will send you the list of documents for the request of the clearance.

Italy Investor Visa for Italy Services Questionnaire and list of documents
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Italy Investor Visa for Italy list of services included in the application for the Italian Investor Visa

The Service includes:

  • Provide guidelines on the procedure, timeline, necessary documents

  • Collect information necessary to prepare application

  • Assistance in preparing Nulla Osta application

  • Assistance in preparing supporting documents

  • Procurement of certificates of non-existence of final criminal convictions and pending charges from Italian legal system

  • Assistance in contacting the Bank to arrange for Bank’s declaration

  • Assistance in obtaining digital signature (+ purchase of Sim card if necessary)

  • Filling in online form on behalf of the Investor

  • Following up with Ministry (if necessary)

  • Assistance with preparing applications and supporting documents for visa at the Italian Embassy or Consultate (no accompanying)

  • Contact the Consulate to arrange priority appointment, follow up with Consulate and Ministry if necessary

  • Assistance to file the Permit of stay + preparing supporting documents + contact Police to arrange priority appointment. Our local counselor will accompany you in this process.

  • Assistance (with accompanying) to collect the Permit of Stay + arrange priority appointment 

*The above list includes the standard items for the request of the Investor Visa. The content of the service shall be adapted to each cases.

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