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Italy Investor Visa Program

Since January 2017, Italian immigration law makes visas available to immigrant investors seeking to enter Italy to engage in capital investments that benefit the Italian economy. Particular attention is given to funding leading to job creation and to investments connected with start-up companies, advanced training, scientific research, and patronage activities. In addition, tax and financial reliefs for foreigners transferring their tax residency in Italy are provided.

Eligibility for the Investor Visa for Italy

In order to be eligible for the Italian Investor Visa, the applicant shall chose one of the following options.

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invest at least € 500K in equity instruments of a company based and operating in Italy; or at least € 250K in equity instruments of a start-up company based and operating in Italy

Italy Investor Visa purchase invest.jpg


Purchase at least € 2 million in
Italian government bonds


The funds shall be kept for at least 2 years.

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donate at least € 1 million in philanthropic funding supporting projects of public interest in the field of culture, education, immigration, scientific research, recovery of cultural assets and landscapes.

Initial Requirements for the Investor Visa for Italy

What kind of documents do I need for the Investor Visa for Italy?
Below you can find the standard list of documents for the request of  investor visa for Italy. However, each cases are different and therefore, in most of the cases the standard list shall be adapted according to the details and situation of the applicant. 

Besides, the below list of required documents and information are simply preliminary requirements, and when you will be applying for the Investor Visa at the Italian Consulate or Embassy and at a later stage, your Italian permit of Stay, you will be required to submit further documentation and information.

*The Italian Authorities can request extra documentation at any time.


A detailed Curriculum Vitae


Criminal certificate

Certificates of the non-existence of criminal convictions and pending


Type of Investment

The type of investment shall be specified


Personal Information

Personal information (copy of the passport, address, etc.)



Proof of ownership of the financial resources

Progetto senza titolo (23).png

Application Form

It will be necessary to fill all the fields in order to submit your request

Applying for Investor Visa for Italy


Online Application

The Applicatoin shall be done in Italian or English.  Any supporting documents which need to be submitted, if not available in Italian or English, must be translated with a certified translation.


Filling the Application

To finalize the application a specific final declaration of commitment (“Declaration”) is automatically generated by the platform. The document must be signed with an  electronic signature. The electronic signature can be obtained through one of the Gov.t’s accredited providers.


Permit from the Ministry

If the evaluation of the  Committee is positive, a  certificate of no  impediment is sent to the visa applicant. It is then sent to the competent Italian Consulate. The certificate shall be used by the applicant to obtain the visa within six months of its issue date.


Obtain your Investor
Visa for Italy!

The request for the Investor Visa for Italy shall be submitted to the competent Italian Consulate or Embassy.
The processing time may vary depending on the authority, but usually, they are issued within

2 weeks.


Arrival to Italy
 immigration formalities

Once you have obtained your Italian Investor Visa, you can now enter Italy.

Within 8 days of your arrival, our local counselors will help you apply for your Italian Permit of Stay.


Proceed with your

You should make your investment within 90 days of your arrival in Italy.
However, taking into consideration that there are some formalities and documents to be produced, it is advisable to plan the investment before 90 days.

Benefits of the Investor Visa for Italy

What benefits do I obtain if I get an Investor Visa for Italy?
Investor Visa for Italy Benefits No minimum time.jpg

No Minimum time


The investor visa does not require, for its renewal, that the holder spends a minimum amount of time in Italy.


Investor Visa for Italy Benefits Tax incentives.jpg

Tax Incentives


Italy offers a TAX RELIEF SCHEME for new residents who can benefit from a  substitute tax on income generated abroad by paying a flat-rate tax.


Investor Visa for Italy Benefits Working in Italy.jpg



The Investor Visa allows also to work and can be
converted into a work permit if the individual meets all requirements for conversion.


Investor Visa for Italy Benefits Company.jpg



The application for the Italy Investor Visa Clearance
(“Nulla Osta”) can be filed also using a company controlled by the applicant.


Investor Visa for Italy Benefits No language Test.jpg

No Language Test


Investor permit holders are exempted from the Integration Agreement obligations, i.e. language test.


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