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Investor Visa for Italy and Corporate Investing. Is it possible?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Q: Can I qualify for the Investor Visa for Italy if the investment is made using a foreign legal entity?

A: Yes, you can use a foreign legal entity, provided that you can demonstrate being legitimated to externally commit the entity to make the investment in Italy.

Q: How can I demonstrate being legitimated?

A: You shall submit the "Act of Appointment" confirming you are the legal representative of the Company (which shall be issued by the Company). This document, in accordance with the deed of incorporation and the articles of association of the entity, shall prove that you have the powers to proceed with the investment in Italy.

Q: What language should the documents be in?

A: All documents attached to the investor visa applications must be in Italian or English: if the original document is written in another language, a certified translation (e.g. sworn translation) must be provided.

Q: What other documents do I need?

A: it is advisable to submit also some documents proving the good standing of the foreign entity.


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