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Investing in Italy: Unraveling the Benefits of the Italy Golden Visa Program

Let's talk about some Benefits of the Italy Golden Visa

The Italian Golden Visa, better know as "Investor Visa" is an interesting option for foreign investors who are interested in Italy and other Schengen countries. This visa offers a long-term permit of stay, and the visa holder has wide flexibility in his activities in Italy.

Let's talk about some Benefits of the Italy Golden Visa

  1. There is no need to do any investment before you actually obtain the Investor Visa, as the investment must be executed only after obtaining the visa, within 3 months from the arrival in Italy.

  2. Italy Golden Visa (Investor visa) is processed by the Consulate with priority. Per our experience processing time is max. 1 to 2 weeks.

  3. If the Investor spends less than 183 days per year in Italy, he/she may not be subject to any tax obligations (subject to certain conditions; it is advisable to consult with a tax counsel for further guidance).

  4. Family members (spouse and minor children) of an Investor Visa holder can apply for family permit.

  5. Investors will be given a 2-year permit which will allow them to travel freely within the Schengen area (for no more than 90 days in any 180-day period).

  6. After 2 years the permit can be extended for periods of 3 years, on condition that the original investment is maintained.

  7. If the Investor becomes a tax resident and pays taxes in Italy (there are favorable tax schemes for HNW individuals, new residents, and pensioners), he/she will have the possibility to apply for the permanent residency after 5 years and for Italian citizenship after 10 years. (For further information about the Italian citizenship by residency, please check our article: FAQs: Applying for Italian citizenship by Residency (Naturalization)

  8. Residency registration with the City Hall allows the Investor to: (i) register with the National Health Service; (ii) have goods imported duty-free; (iii) purchase a car; (iv) open a resident bank account.

  9. Italy Golden Visa is the only Italian visa category that grants investors the flexibility to not adhere to any minimum stay requirement within the country.

  10. Investor and spouse are allowed to work. The permit can also be converted into a work permit if the Investor meets the requirements for the relevant permit applied for.

  11. The Investor can invest also using funds of a company or trust, on condition that it proves to have the necessary powers to execute the investment (no need to be a shareholder or CEO). On this regard, you may also check: Investor Visa for Italy and Corporate Investing. Is it possible?

  12. Investor permit holders are exempted from the Integration Agreement obligations (unless they apply for permanent residency) therefore they do not have any obligation to pass a language test.


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