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Investor Visa For Italy: Other than Proof Of Sufficient Funds, what documents do I need?

Basic requirements to join the INVESTOR VISA FOR ITALY PROGRAMME

Are you considering a big investment in Italy? You may qualify for the Italian Investor Visa!

Here a short checklist of the main investor visa requirements:

1. PASSPORT: you will need to hold a valid passport, bear in mind that the Investor Visa has 2 years validity 2. INVESTMENT: choose your target of investment and confirm it in a Commitment statement:

a. 500,000 euros in Shares or stocks in a company incorporated and operating in Italy (spa, srl, srls, spap)

b. 2,000,000 euros in Italian Government bonds

c. 1,000,000 euros in donations to a public philanthropic project. 3. CURRICULUM VITAE: to apply for the investor visa you will have to create an online profile with a short history of your past education and working experiences (inside and outside the field of investments)

4. FUNDS: you shall demonstrate the availability, transferability and licit origins of the funds in your name for the execution of the investment.

5. WHERE ARE THE FUNDS: Italian Investor Visa Committee will ask for the source of the funds.

6. CRIMINAL RECORD: you must declare any final criminal convictions or pending charges.


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